How To Create Coupons In Prestashop

If you have a shop Prestashop, you’ll probably want to know how to create promo codes for your clients, as this will increase your sales. The process is very simple, we explain each option you can configure:

Step 1: Open your admin panel. No need for you to explain how …
Step 2: Click on the tab payment and then discount vouchers .
Step 3: The table you see is where you display all your codes. If you have not created any, will be empty.
Step 4: Click on the table where it says Add new . This will take you to the screen where you create the coupon, and the parameters that you can configure are:
* Code: coupon name, you can put a name or intuitive as FREE Shipping random meaningless code like ST5RV2. This code will be entered in the customer’s shopping cart to apply the discount.
* Type: You have three options to choose from:
* Discount on order (%): reduced by a percentage that will be indicated after the total order. If you choose this option you must also write a short description indicating what to use the coupon.

* Discount on order (amount). were subtracted an amount in , or dollars … (depends on the currency) to the order total. By choosing this option, you must also write a description, but also see a new dropdown: Behavior , used to choose the behavior applies if the total order is less than the voucher:
Reduce the value of the voucher to the order: The voucher can only be used once.
* Create a new voucher with remaining amount: Customers can use it as often as necessary until the end of the matter.
* Create a negative invoice: The voucher can only be used once, but will generate a negative invoice amount remaining to post it.
* Free shipping: added No shipping charges when ordering.

* Categories: Brand product categories you want to include for the voucher. For example, if there is a category that is Pants and want that voucher is not used if they buy a pair, not marques. But we recommend that if you do this, you inform the description goes.

* Total: If this ticket is created specifically for a client, enter 1 in this field. If you want to create 50 free shipping vouchers for the first 50 customers who use it, type 50.

* Quantity per user: This number sets the number of times you can use the voucher a customer. If you write one, you make sure that a client can not use it more than once.

* Amount: The voucher may be applied only in the case where a minimum purchase exceeds the amount that is written in this field. For example, if you want that it can be applied only after a minimum purchase of 30 , writes in this field 30.

* Cumulative with other bonuses: You can configure whether the voucher may be used with other codes.

* Stacks with discounts: You can choose whether the voucher may be used in the case of discounted products through specific prices.

* Target: You can limit it to a single customer. For example, if you’re late in delivery or is a customer who deserves an apology, you can create a voucher only for him. To quickly find the client, type the first few letters of their first or last name in the “Filter”.

* From/To: The voucher may have a time limit (for example, a discount for a single day). Click the “From” and “To”, to select the dates using the calendar. By default, a new voucher lasts for one year.

* Show the voucher in the cart summary: Tick this option if you want the ticket is displayed in the shopping cart or as you call it in your store. So the customer will make a purchase easily.

* State: With this option you can disable or enable it. If you want to disable a voucher need not delete it, you can disable it so that if you need it in the future, you’ll have created.

Remember to save the voucher once you have configured all the parameters. If the ticket is for a specific customer, will appear in his private area of the store, but it is worth it you inform via email.

There are millions of combinations of discount vouchers that can help you retain your customers and increase sales, for example:

* Day free shipping.
* Release Week with free shipping or discount%.
* On VAT (18% discount)
* Offer a coupon to customers who exceed a major purchase of X .
* Give a coupon to those who subscribe to the newsletter when you start sending.
* Create a promotion for a particular product category, for example: Week of pants!
* Can you think of more ideas for discount coupons? Write us a comment with your ideas!