Pet Travel Tips And Pet Friendly Accommodations In Canada

A family vacation is really not complete without the whole family; but what if one of your close family members is a furry friend? Can you imagine exploring the beaches, mountains and parks without your animal family member? That said, finding pet friendly hotels and making travel arrangements is not always a simple undertaking. If you have the desire to include your fuzzy, scaly, or feathered loved one in your travel plans, here are some pet friendly travel tips to help you and your pet arrive at your Canadian destination with ease.

Pet friendly travel bag
Getting organized by having a travel bag dedicated to your entire pet’s needs will make traveling with your dog or cat (or exotic animal) much easier. Make sure to include those familiar items that your pet will recognize as his or hers to ease travel anxiety; this may include collar, harness, leash, food, special treats, waste accoutrements (scoop, gloves, bags), hair brush, and toys. Also, having a copy of your veterinarian’s contact information along with your animal’s medical history is wise.

Crossing into Canada with your pet
All dogs and cats crossing into Canada must have a valid rabies vaccination certificate signed and dated by a licensed veterinarian. The certificate must state the vaccine used and its expiration date as well as thoroughly identifying your pet’s breed, age, sex, and distinguishing characteristics. The certificate must be dated within the last 36 months unless your pup or kitty is less than 3 months of age at which point a certificate is not required.

When crossing the Canadian border you are also required to claim the dog food you are bringing across with Canadian Customs border agents. There may be certain bans in effect depending on the agricultural ingredients of your country of origin’s pet food products, so it is smart to contact Canadian Customs ( or the Canadian Food Inspection Agency ( ahead of your travels to see if any current pet food bans are in place. If your pet is on a special diet, make sure to research ahead of time where you may purchase that product across border lines just in case you cannot bring your dog food across.

Additional rules may apply depending on what Canadian province or municipality you are entering. Case in point, the province of Ontario does not permit the dog breed of Pit Bull to enter. Make sure to check with the Canadian province or the city your pet friendly accommodations are within to know the local laws.

Pet Friendly Hotels in Canada
Make sure you have booked accommodations with a pet friendly hotel at your Canadian destination and that there are no size or breed restrictions. The pet friendly hotel agents will be able to assist you in relevant pet care information, such as dedicated pet towels, pet walking areas, pet services, and rules for your loved one while you are staying with them. Pet owners will not be able to leave their furry loved ones unattended in hotel rooms and pet owners will be responsible for any noise issues or damage done by their pet to the room.