Pet Grooming At Nails N Tails Hyderabad

What you see – Pets as companions have been around since times immemorial. They cheer you up with their antics and add warmth to your life. Here is a way for you to show them how much you care – a pet care store and spa that pampers them with a soothing shower, massage and grooming.

Nails n Tails is literally a round-the-corner pet store in Banjara Hills, Hyderabad that stocks beds, feeding bowls, mittens for pups, clothes and shoulder bags to carry the toy breed around, gourmet cat food and more. And a salon and bath inside, replete with aromatherapy-based bath products, offers services such as the tick and flea free baths, body massages and hair trims.

What you get – Shop here for pink and red fancy collars, colorful leash for dog walking, hair clips and rubber bands for the doggy, beds for the kitty and those for the pups to lounge in too. Toys and combs for the pets are also available here.

The spa offers aroma baths and body massages for the pets with products made for them exclusively in consultation with vets at Scooby Scrub pet grooming salon, Delhi. Nails n Tails is its exclusive franchisee for Hyderabad. Hair and nail trims, pet hygiene service and even hair coloring and streaking are taken up here.

The cost of haircuts and bath at Nails N Tails varies depending on the breed and size of the pet dog or cat. On an average, a service is priced at Rs. 200-Rs.250 to start with. The fancy collars are priced at Rs. 200 onwards and you can also get a customized one made with the initials or complete name of your pet for a little more.

Our verdict – If you find giving the bath to your dogs cumbersome, this is the place you can bring them over for a nice tick and flea free one. They also blow dry the hair, so that you can take back a squeaky clean dog. Ensure you go with the pets to calm them in a new environment. The tub can accommodate a big dog but its not very spacious. The staff is kind and gentle with the pet. The products are skin friendly, with aloe-vera and other ingredients. Shop for the cute shoes/mittens available in various sizes to make your pet’s paws comfortable. Beds in baby pink and maroon are perfect for the kitten. Parking space is available.

Anytime between – 10.30 AM 7 PM (By appointment only; Closed on Tuesdays)