What Do You Know About Gps Tracker

GPS Tracker is the terminal built-in GPS module and mobile communication module, used to transfer the location data to the server on the Internet through the mobile communication module (gsm / gprs network), which can be achieved the terminal location query in the computer.

1. Application of GPS Tracking device

GPS tracker is broad-spectrum such as: control the whereabouts of children and the elderly, highway patrol, and precious cargo tracking, tracking and service dispatch, private detective tools, personal property tracking, pet tracking, wildlife tracking, freight industry, car theft, bike theft, theft of electric vehicles, motorcycle theft, bank armored cars, police exercise control, prosecutors tracking, official vehicle management and so on.

2. The basic functions of GPS Tracker

1) Positioning function: immediate positioning, timing position.

2) two-way conversation: You can set the button corresponding to a single authorization number, when you press the button you can call the authorization number, and answer the call.

3) Alarm function: an emergency alarm, alarm displacement, speed alarm, exceed alarm, low-battery alarm, anti-theft alarm.

4) Electronic fence: center managers can set the terminal driving area, when the terminal area beyond the preset limit, it will automatically send alarm information to the monitoring platform and mobile phones to monitor the alarm sends a short message of cross-district.

5) Remote monitoring: set the monitored number which can be monitored when it calls the terminal.

6) Auto Sleep: built-in vibration sensor, within the specified time, if not shock, it will automatically enter the sleep state.

3.GPS Tracking Service Platform

GPS Tracking service platform is the monitoring and dispatching system based on GPRS and INTERNET communication network, consist of the central-side and client-side, system architecture adopts B/S or C/S technology.

Centre side

The center side uses a fixed IP access, for receiving and processing a variety of data from GPS terminal submitted by the mobile network , such as terminal current location information, the terminal’s various alarm information, meanwhile, deal with all kinds of queries submitted by client side. Center Duanyou hardware and software components, software technology is included database technology, GIS technology, load balancing, network protocol technology.

Client side

Client side hardware can be classified as computer, cell phone, PDA. If the client side is the computer, you need access to INTERNET; If the client side is the mobile phone or PDA, you need to access CMWAP, CMNET, CMCARD or other wireless Internet services.