Ways To Prevent And Avoid Animal Attacks

Animals, no matter how tame they are can be dangerous especially when provoked. In fact, thousands of people have become victims of animal attacks every year. In the United States, there are about 4.7 million of such cases annually, and most cases are attributed to dogs, snakes, cat, camels and monkey.

Dog bite is the most common form of animal attack. According to statistics, roughly 4.5 million Americans are bitten by dogs every year.

Dog bites are said to be the second leading cause of injury for children. And most of the dogs that bite are chained or confined.

Animal Attack Statistics

Of the millions of cases each year, around 800, 000 people needs medication for the injuries sustained; about 333, 700 are being taken to emergency unit; 6, 000 are confined in hospitals and; 12 people die from animal attacks.

Usually, children, ten years old and below, are the most common victims of attacks, and they constitute 60% of all the cases.

Indeed, the statistics is alarming. And it should be a great deal to provide knowledge and information on animal attack prevention.

How to Prevent Animal Attacks

Animal attacks can be prevented. The owners, particularly, can help lessen the risks of animal attacks. With proper obedience and training and by following safety precautions, such instance could be minimized.

Primarily, you should make sure that your pet is familiar with his environment. Make sure that he is exposed while he is still young. Train him and let him recognize the things he will encounter every now and then and introduce him to your friends, neighbors and other people.

Second, you must provide a safe surrounding for your pet. Do not put him in cage more often, so as he can easily adjust to the environment. Pets that are always on cage are terrified when they get out and it may trigger them more to bite or attack people around.

Third, you must play with your pet and let them feel they are comfortable and loved.

Teaching children to respect your pets is also one way of attack prevention.

Animal Attack Threats

Injuries that may be sustained from an animal attack can be serious and life threatening. It may even lead to death.

Rabies infection may threaten ones life and victims may suffer bone fractures, scratch, laceration, cuts and wounds that may lead to lifelong suffering.

Aside from injuries, animal attacks may also result to damages and losses that include medical expenses, opportunity to earn income and emotional damage.

Saving Yourself from Animal Attacks

You may never know when an animal could attack or bite you. And you would not also want it to happen. Hence, to save yourself from any form of animal attacks, you can do the following tips:

1.Do not approach unfamiliar animals even though they are tame or friendly looking.

2.Stay calm and do not scream when an animal is approaching.

3.Pay attention to the animals behavior. If you see or feel that the animal shows aggressiveness, stay away from it.

4.Lost animals especially dogs, must be reported immediately so that its owners may be contacted and be warned for any possible danger.

Safety tips and precautions are just, but among the so many ways of animal attack prevention. It is very important though, to pet owners, caretakers and community people to strictly follow and obey.