Pet Bladder Infections – 3 Proven Steps To Treat Your Cat Or Dog Bladder Infection

Ever wondered if there is a way to treat pet bladder infections at home? More and more veterinarians and pet owners are opting for natural treatments for pet bladder problems in order to correct the imbalances that allow bacteria to thrive.

Unlike prescription antibiotics, these home remedies are available to you over-the-counter and are completely safe. Here are 3 ways to treat bladder infections in your pet quickly and easily in the comfort of your own home.

1. Pet bladder infection medication, like an antibiotic, should be treated as a last resort because it is very strong and has unwanted side effects. In fact, antibiotics can aggravate the condition by causing a pH imbalance in your pet’s urinary tract. Instead, give your pet a small amount of a homeopathic remedy containing Berberis vulgaris and Arctostaphylos uva ursi.

Arctostaphylos uva ursi helps the bladder get back to its normal pH level. Berberis vulgaris is an anti-inflammatory to reduce the inflammation caused by infection. Make sure to give your pet commercially prepared ingredients to guarantee the quality of the contents.

2. Diet has a lot to do with causing or aggravating pet bladder infections. Commercial pet food contains a lot of harmful chemical ingredients like preservatives, coloring, and flavoring that can weaken your pet’s immune system. Give your pet raw, unprocessed, and uncooked meat. Studies show that cats and dogs miss out on a lot of nutrition in commercial pet foods. These are also packed with unnecessary grains that only fatten your pet.

3. Dehydration can cause bladder problems in your pet and it can be a symptom of bladder problems as well. Whether you are using a prescription pet bladder infection medication or a natural homeopathic remedy, be sure your pet gets lots of water to drink. Water flushes out the harmful bacteria causing the bladder infection. If you are feeding a canned pet food, add a little water to the product. Refresh your pet’s water bowls daily.

How To Use A Homeopathic Remedy To Treat Pet Bladder Infections

A homeopathic remedy is easy to administer because it comes in a granular form that you can sprinkle on your pet’s tongue or in his food. This remedy addresses the underlying problem causing pet bladder infections. It can be used both as a preventive method and treatment. It is 100% safe, affordable, and side effect free so you can give it to your pet every day.

Home treatments are gentle and effective where prescription drug treatments have harsh side effects. Do your pet a favor and try a homeopathic solution at home before a preventable problem turns into an emergency.